SOFIA – Borissov: 70% of Europe’s population to be affected by coronavirus

Following EU leaders’ emergency teleconference over the coronavirus outbreak on Tuesday (10 March), Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov twice said that one of the issues that came up was that 70% of Europe’s population could be infected by the virus.

Speaking in front of cameras in Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers on Tuesday, on the occasion of an emergency meeting of the country’s Security Council, Borissov said:

“The most important institutes in Europe, my colleagues said, expect 60-70% of the population of Europe to be affected by this virus.”

In a separate post on Facebook, he put the figure even higher:

“Today, at the video conference with my European Council colleagues, specialist analyses were quoted that said that coronavirus would affect more than 70% of Europe’s population.”

“ECB chief Christine Lagarde said that a bigger recession than that of Lehman Brothers and the financial crisis is coming”, Borissov also said. Lagarde took part in the teleconference.

Only one EU leader said the coronavirus outbreak should not be over-dramatised, Borissov said. “One out of 27”, he added.

Borissov also lamented that measures to counter the coronavirus outbreak came too late and lashed against those who argue that the problem is “invented”.

He also said that all leaders have spoken against banning the export of medical devices.

A few days ago, Bulgaria introduced a ban on the export of masks and protective medical clothing. Bulgaria has so far six cases of coronavirus but Borissov confirmed that none of those affected had travelled abroad.

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