SOFIA – Call to cancel Mobility Package

Bulgaria and seven other countries have asked the EU institutions to shelve draft legislation on the Mobility Package which would put additional burden on road transport firms hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

Transport ministers of Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta and Romania said the EU should stand up for transport firms as it has already taken steps to help struggling airlines.

>>Bulgarian MEPs vow to continue the fight against the ‘Macron package’

Even before the pandemic, the same mainly eastern European nations were considering a legal challenge to the looming revamp of EU trucking rules, which they say would put their firms at a disadvantage by forcing them to send empty trucks home – causing excessive costs and extra carbon emissions.

Wealthier nations including France and the Netherlands support the reforms, alongside workers’ unions who say it would make jobs in Europe’s trucking sector more attractive. More by EURACTIV Bulgaria and Reuters

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