SOFIA – Corruption scandal

Vasil Bozhkov, a businessman with interests in the gambling business who fled to Dubai, has accused Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov of large-scale corruption.

Although Bulgaria’s prosecutor’s office is charging Bozhkov on 18 counts including for crimes such as contract killings, extortion and leading a criminal group, the businessman has told them he has photos, records and witnesses that prove he has handed over €30 million to two members of the Bulgarian government over the past three years.

Prime Minister Borissov denies the allegations, saying Bozhkov had only given him one cigar.

While the prosecutor’s office issued the charges, the state nationalised Bozhkov’s huge lottery business. 

Later it became clear that the public relations advisor of Prime Minister Sevdelina Arnaudova had met the businessman several times. (Krassen Nikolov |

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