SOFIA – Gambling mogul indicted

Vassil Bozhkov, who happens to be one of Bulgaria’s richest business moguls active in the gambling business has been accused of seven crimes by the Prosecutor’s Office. This happened after Bozhmov accused the state of aiming to take over a successful business and threatened to take the matter to court.

Not only has a European arrest warrant been issued against the business mogul, but he is also wanted by Interpol, the prosecution said. From abroad, Bozhkov told the media that he was not hiding.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Gambling Commission, Alexander Georgiev, was taken in for questioning.

Earlier this month, legal amendments that ban private lotteries were initiated and approved in principle by parliament on Wednesday.

While thе gambling scandal is brewing, Chief Prosecutor, Ivan Geshev, was accused by prominent lawyers for breaking the law by publishing taped conversations, aiming to show that President Rumen Radev had committed a crime. Radev, who denies wrongdoing, had opposed the appointment of Geshev.

(Krassen Nikolov |

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