SOFIA – Marine Le Pen’s Bulgarian Partner wants a referendum on the Euro

In an attempt to impede the government’s efforts towards a common European currency, the leader of the Eurosceptic pro-Russian party Volya (Will) Vesselin Mareshki, has started a campaign for a referendum on the adoption of the euro in Bulgaria.

Mareshki, who received support from French right-wing populist and nationalist leader Marine Le Pen for the European elections just one year ago, has proposed a referendum, which includes four topics: the euro, the right of illiterate people to vote, video surveillance for counting election ballots and the import of junk from Europe and the Third World.

A proposal for organising a referendum can be made by at least 48 MPs, the president or the government. It becomes mandatory if signed by at least 400,000 Bulgarians. (Krassen Nikolov |

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