Spanish agriculture minister: ‘Farm to fork’ strategy cannot be implemented overnight

Spain’s Agriculture Minister Luis Planas told EURACTIV’s partner EFE Agro in an exclusive interview that the EU’s new “farm to fork” strategy, which will be presented today (20 May) cannot be implemented overnight because it would represent a turning point in the productive orientation of Europe’s agricultural sector and has very challenging targets.

Have a look at the full interview in Spanish here.

According to him, the strategy needs greater economic support from the CAP, at least similar to that of the 2014-2020 period. “If there are new objectives, if there are new challenges, logically they have to be financed”, Planas said.

Planas also spoke about the new “post-2020” CAP and its new “greener” objectives.

“This strategic orientation towards a greener CAP seems positive to me, but two elements must be made clear. It takes time to carry it out: it cannot be done overnight because it represents a very important change in the productive orientation of the primary sector. And secondly, it implies production costs,” the minister explained. (EFEAGRO)

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