STOCKHOLM – After-ski parties cancelled

While ski resorts will remain open during the Easter break, after-ski parties will be cancelled and ski lifts must not be too crowded.

Sweden is sticking to its chosen, yet different policy when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Anders Wallenstein, representing the Public Health Agency of Sweden told the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) in an interview on Wednesday (25 March) that the priority was to keep society’s wheels turning, avoid unnecessary restrictions and only decide on measures that would have the biggest impact on the current situation. 

“Yes, our actions differ from other countries. Maybe elsewhere actions have been taken also on other grounds than protecting people, maybe for political reasons,” said Wallenstein in an YLE interview.

According to Wallenstein, the main goal is to avoid overburdening the healthcare system. Since the virus cannot be stopped from spreading, the aim is to slow it down and focus on the risk groups.

For now, Sweden still prefers recommendations over restrictions.

“There are so many infections everywhere that closing the borders would hardly help. It would be a security measure, but I wouldn’t bet on its real effect. Our view is that it is better to cooperate than close the borders,” Wallenstein concluded.

On Wednesday (25 March), Sweden had 2,510 COVID-19 infections and 42 deaths. (Pekka Vänttinen |

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