STOCKHOLM – Farewell to fossil fuels?

In a move that is described “unique”, Sweden is positioning itself at the forefront in the fight against climate change. A fossil-free future is set as a target not only in Sweden, but also in the rest of the European Union.

The country’s government has launched a study aiming to find ways to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars. A long term objective is to phase out fossil fuels for good. Sweden has outlined a policy of having net zero atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 at the latest. That goal is meant to be reached by integrating climate policy into all other relevant policy areas. Future legislation will be monitored in relation to its environmental effects.

“In a unique move, Sweden is moving forward with an action plan and the fundamental approach that consideration of the climate must be incorporated into everything we do in society,” said Isabella Lövin, the minister for environment and climate.

The study, led by Sven Hunhammar, a Director of Sustainability and Environment at the Swedish Transport Administration has wide parliamentary backing behind it.

Based on the so-called January Agreement, it is supported not only by Stefan Löfven’s minority government of Social Democrats and Greens, but also has the acceptance of the Centre Party and the Liberal Party currently in the opposition. The final report is to be presented by February 2021.

True to its holistic – and sometimes idealistic – policy approach, Sweden is also looking for and expecting close collaboration with other countries.

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