STOCKHOLM – Faster military aid between neighbours

The Swedish government is proposing a legislative reform to enable faster decisions on providing and receiving military support between Sweden and Finland. 

Although the two countries already have a framework for defence cooperation, the Swedish government’s proposal would give it a legal mandate to make more decisions within that framework, for example in the event of an international crisis or violation of borders. It would also make it easier for Sweden to receive help from Finland.

The new mandate would harmonise the legal framework between the countries. Finland passed this kind of legislation already in 2017.

Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist told national Television: “It just cannot be the case that the situation would be over before we have even made a decision. We must be able to help each other without a delay”. 

Sweden and Finland do not have a military alliance and situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

That said, the updated legislation would strengthen the defence of both countries and their ability for joint military actions.

However, according to Sweden’s defence minister, the decision to help – and go to war- would still require the parliament’s approval.

The proposed legislation would come into force in Sweden by the start of August this year. (Pekka Vänttinen |

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