STOCKHOLM – Lockdown: A cumbersome experiment

Head of Sweden’s public health agency Johan Carlson said in a TV interview on Sunday (29 March) that the country’s approach to coronavirus was the right one, adding that the authorities “remain pretty confident it is the best way to stop the disease from spreading”.

“At the end of the day, it did not matter how many infections we have,” said Carlson. “That is a cumbersome experiment, locking up people for four to five months,” he added.

In Sweden, schools will remain open and the movement of people has not been restricted. While gatherings of more than 50 people are banned, shops and restaurants operate normally, but people over 70 are advised to stay at home.

On Monday afternoon (30 March), the number of infections in Sweden had risen to 4,028, which is 132 more than the day before, with the number of deaths now at 146.  

In his interview, Mr Carlson stayed adamant about his Agency’s strategy. ”In society, there are already enough moratoriums, such as banning the use of drugs. Despite that, the problem has not vanished. People have to have their own understanding and knowledge. That is the way we have acted against infections,” he concluded. (Pekka Vänttinen |

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