The moment of truth for Greek neo-nazis

A Greek court will rule today whether neo-nazi Golden Dawn party is a criminal organisation and if therefore there was a political plan for the crimes its members executed in a heavy indictment.

“The longest trial in Greek history and the most important trial of Nazis globally after the Nuremberg Trials, is coming to an end,” wrote leftist journal

In total, 68 members of the party have been on trial, including Golden Dawn’s leader Nikos Michaloliakos.

The charges range from directing, forming and participating in a criminal organisation to possession of a firearm, forgery and assassinations.

Last Sunday, Greek journal Efimerida ton Sintakton published op-eds written by the leaders of all democratic forces, who called for justice.

The police have taken enhanced measures as thousands of anti-fascist protesters are expected to gather outside the court under the slogan “Nazis in jail”.

The party is longer represented in the Greek parliament, but for many, the court’s decision will be critical for the country’s democratic life.

The big question remains about what will happen in case the court follows the proposal by prosecutor Adamantia Oikonomou that Golden Dawn cannot be proved to be a criminal organisation.

In this scenario, the whole criminal case for Golden Dawn will fail, and individual members will be convicted for several crimes. (Sarantis Michalopoulos |

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