VIENNA – Journalists face ultimatum after publishing critical Ischgl-story

Last week, news magazine Profil published a story accusing the Tyrolean local government of ignoring a health ministry directive in February with regards to the former skiing resort of Ischgl, which became infamous for becoming a COVID-19 hotspot in March and for which local politicians are currently being investigated for alleged negligence by the public prosecutor.

Back in February, according to the news magazine, authorities were urged to send back home in quarantine all persons who had come in contact with coronavirus infected individuals.

In response, officials not only argued that the definition of “contact person” had been changed days after the directive had been issued but also “demanded” that Profil publish the press release within 24 hours and in the next print edition.

“Tyrol tries to intimidate journalists through threats,” tweeted Christian Rainer, Profil’s editor-in-chief.

However, the politicians backtracked, calling the statement a mere “request for correction.” (Philipp Grüll |

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