Vucic might reject talks with Trump

Serbia received the official agenda for the upcoming meeting between Belgrade and Pristina in Washington, which included “one item that’s unacceptable,” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told Pink TV in an interview on Saturday (29 August).

While the president refused to tell Pink TV which agenda item this could be, he admitted that Serbia would face difficult negotiations from 3-4 September as “Serbia has to pay” for a series of unsuccessful policies and defeats since the 1990s.

The president also noted that domestic services had recorded the informal words of regional leaders, saying that “Vucic will have to sign anything on the table before him.”

“It doesn’t matter what kind of blackmail we are exposed to, we’ll continue to protect state interests. Until now we haven’t analyzed what Serbia has in Kosovo today, and what we can actually get. We don’t have that kind of rational approach and responsibility,” he added.


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