WARSAW – Polexit?

According to the latest Eurobarometer poll, Poles are almost the most Eurosceptic nation in the EU. 47% of Poles think that they could face future better outside the EU, while 45% think otherwise and 8% has no opinion on the issue. The tendency is the worst in the EU as a year ago, Eurosceptics were 36%, while euro-enthusiasts 55%.

This downward trend is being bolstered by the ruling PiS which since 2015 has confronted the EU on numerous occasions. For instance, the judiciary reforms it enacted caused a reaction from the EU which resulted in the activation of the Article 7 “nuclear option” against Warsaw.

The Polish Supreme Court recently decided that many of the judiciary reforms are against European and Polish law. PiS responded with its own bill that aims to discipline the judges. The European Commission wants to examine the bill even before it is approved by the parliament, which is not a standard procedure.

In addition, last week, Poland didn’t sign up the Green Deal for climate neutrality by 2050, which caused a backlash from French president Emmanuel Macron saying that in such case Poland may lose funding for green transition.

These developments, according to EURACTIV.pl, fuel PiS’s “sovereignty campaign”. As the Eurobarometer poll shows, it is convincing for many people in Poland.  (Łukasz Gadzała | EURACTIV.pl)

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