Washington and Berlin clash over a coronavirus vaccine

Reports surfaced over the weekend that US President Donald Trump had shown interest in buying CureVac, a private company based in the southwestern town of Tübingen that is currently working on creating a coronavirus vaccine.

According to the weekly newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, which first broke the story, the US offered the company $1 billion with the condition that the vaccine is only produced for the US. The story was later confirmed by a health ministry spokeswoman.

The German government is currently in intense talks with the company, as they have a strong interest in producing the vaccine in Europe. While the federal government cannot simply issue orders to a private company, there are certain cases where the economics ministry can prohibit a company’s sales, such as in the case of a threat to public safety.

At this stage, it remains unclear whether the potential sale of CureVac would meet these conditions. (Sarah Lawton | EURACTIV.de

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