Western Balkans agree to work on a joint border-crossing protocol

The Western Balkans have agreed to work on a joint border-crossing protocol, North Macedonia’s Health Minister Venko Filipče confirmed yesterday in a Facebook post (27 September).

Meanwhile, all Balkan countries are still discussing a plan to reopen their borders simultaneously, after they align their entry requirements with the idea of opening the region’s borders to travellers without requiring them to take a COVID-19 PCR test, the health minister added.

“I sincerely hope we will exchange relevant information, and take a stance according to the exact epidemiological situation in the region, including Bulgaria and Greece,” he added.

“It is true that over the past few weeks I promised several times that we would reach a decision, but unfortunately we were waiting for our neighbours to respond. Their answers finally arrived last week,” Filipče was quoted as saying by the MIA state agency.

(EURACTIV.rs  betabriefing.com)

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