ZAGREB – A new wave

Croatia is experiencing the second-largest spike in COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. In the last 24 hours, 95 new patients tested positive for the virus, the majority of which are experiencing very mild symptoms, while a lot of others are asymptomatic.

Because of this trend, experts now believe the virus is losing its power. At this moment there are no patients on ventilators, while 42 of the active cases are currently being hospitalised due to the lack of satisfactory private space for self-isolation.

The new epicentre is in eastern Croatia, where 40 new cases have been confirmed since yesterday. The city of Đakovo is currently experiencing the biggest spike, which has caused the Civic Guard to consider implementing lockdown measures for that region alone. Among the newly infected people is the archbishop Marin Srakić, who held a confirmation ceremony this weekend for 133 students. The total of 36 nuns in the nearby monastery are also Covid-19 positive.

The Civic Guard, which is currently acting only technically until the elections, has implemented the decision requiring people to wear masks in public transport, as well as mandatory self-isolation for two weeks for all citizens returning from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(Tea Trubić Macan,

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