ZAGREB – A wage deal has been reached

Croatian Labour and Pension Minister Josip Aladrović (HDZ, EPP) announced that the government has finally reached an agreement with public sector unions on the annexe to the basic collective agreement and on holiday allowances.

The government did not want to cut salaries of public sector workers but has asked unions to temporarily postpone an already agreed salary base increase due to the coronavirus crisis.

Not all public sector unions were willing to accept the offer, as only six out of eleven of them were willing to accept the compromise.

Health sector unions unanimously rejected the proposal, as they consider their sector to have carried out a crucial role during the pandemic. Their representatives have emphasised the issue of non-payment of overtime, but Aladrović explained that they have reached an agreement on the matter.

“We will pay the 1,500 HRK holiday allowance as we have so far, but this time into citizens’ accounts instead of the so-called Cro Card,” explained the minister.

(Tea Trubić Macan,

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