ZAGREB – Agreement on the earthquake aftermath

Croatian PM Andrej Plenković announced that the government and Zagreb authorities have agreed on joint activities to deal with the earthquake aftermath. “We have agreed on three points of our joint activities which are aimed at continuing the work on ensuring citizens’ safety,” the PM said.

A joint task force will be formed to draft a special law to regulate the aftermath of the earthquake, which will be adopted within the next few days.

The final element of the agreement was to determine sources for financing the reconstruction. The PM did not want to speculate about the economic damage caused by the earthquake. “This was a big and devastating earthquake. The extent of the damage has to be accurately evaluated, thus it would be pretentious for someone to simply make up a number,” he explained.

The Zagreb Emergency Management Office said earlier that a total of 26,197 buildings in Zagreb had been damaged in the earthquake, 9,642 of which were family homes. A total of 1,900 buildings sustained damage which rendered them unusable or temporarily unusable. (Tea Trubić Macan,

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