ZAGREB – An ally to its people

Croatia remains an advocate for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as for the rights of Croats in that country and expects the Dayton Peace Accords to be fully respected, announced the Prime Minister Andrej Plenković during his official visit to Mostar this week, where he attended the inauguration of Petar Palić as the new Bishop of Mostar-Duvno.

“We strongly support Bosnia and Herzegovina and we will continue developing cooperation with all three constituent nations.“ the PM told a press conference which was organised before a meeting with Dragan Čović, the leader of Croatian Democratic Union of BiH (HDZ BiH)

When asked about the announcement of leading Bosniak officials that they would outvote Croats in the 2022 elections, Plenković emphasised the importance of respecting the Dayton/Paris Peace Agreement.

The Croatian PM expects the leading Bosnian Croat party, HDZ BiH (EPP) and the leading Bosniak party SDA to reach an agreement on amendments to the Elections Act to put an end to the practice of outvoting Croats.

(Tea Trubić Macan,

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