ZAGREB – Another COVID-19 update

Croatia confirmed its second coronavirus case yesterday, as the twin brother of the country’s first patient also tested positive for COV-19.

Although he has only been experiencing mild symptoms that do not require medical attention so far, he and his twin brother are currently under quarantine in the hospital for infectious diseases in Zagreb. His girlfriend, who also came back from Italy this weekend, has tested negative.

Unlike the bishops in Slovenia, who have issued instructions for wafer consumption during communion, Croatian bishops have decided to wait a bit longer until they follow such steps.

Croatia Airlines has confirmed that all of the scheduled flights in European destinations will continue as planned, while Croatia’s Institute for Public Health has announced the instalment of a new device that will test blood samples on coronavirus much faster to speed up the process.

Even though the health minister and the PM have publicly urged the citizens to refrain from panicking, Croats are stocking up their pantries like there’s no tomorrow. Protective masks can no longer be found in pharmacies, while supermarkets cannot supply enough flour, canned goods, and sanitary products for buyers in Zagreb. (Tea Trubić Macan,  

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