ZAGREB – Another problem with falsely declared property

The country’s conflict of interest commission will examine the asset declarations of Health Minister Milan Kujunžić of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), following media reports claiming he had grossly misstated the value of a house he purchased in Zagreb.

The minister claims that the house is valued at 900,000 kunas (little more than €100,000) even though a loan agreement that the Kujundžić signed with the bank in 2010 estimated the value of the house at 2.37 million kunas (around €300,000). When the loan was later rescheduled, the property was appraised at 1.68 million kunas (around €200,000). Kujundžić added that everything was transparent.

Problems linked to falsely declared property forced two ministers to step down last summer. With internal HDZ elections approaching, however, things have become even more interesting. (Željko Trkanjec |


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