ZAGREB – First national lung cancer detection program

Scientists file climate appeal. On Tuesday (14 January), representatives of 550 Croatian scientists filed an appeal calling on the government, the prime minister, parliament and the environment and energy ministry to take immediate action and declare the climate crisis as an emergency. They also called on all executive authorities to implement ambitious climate policies, involve scientists in the policy-making process and increase public awareness.

In other news, the Croatian Health Ministry presented its first national lung cancer detection programme for all active smokers between 50 and 70 years of age on Tuesday (14 January). This makes Croatia the first EU country to introduce nationwide screening for early lung cancer detection.

Scientists have long been publicly critical of the government’s stance on tackling climate change.

”It is a requirement that involves the joint action of all human activities,” said Nikola Biliškov from Ruđer Bošković institute at the press conference in front of Sabor. Meanwhile, Gordan Gledec, the dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Computing in Zagreb, said that “every time funding contract is signed, we sign it with a stomach cramp because an eternal battle with the administration follows”.

The university dean said this during the award ceremony for research funding for climate change, at which Environment Minister Tomislav Ćorić and Regional Development Minister Marko Pavić were present.

Croatia’s lung cancer prevention programme aims to cut lung cancer mortality by 20% in the next five to ten years, which, if successful, will save some 500 lives every year and raise the five-year survival rate from 10% to 15%.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of malignant disease deaths worldwide, and each year about 3,000 people in Croatia are diagnosed with the disease, with smoking being the primary cause. According to research, nearly a third of Croatians are smokers – 35.3% of men and 27.1% of women. (Karla Junicic |

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