ZAGREB – Freemason Attorney General resigns

Attorney General Drazen Jelenic has resigned, the State Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday, because of his membership to the Freemasons lodge, despite him claiming that this had never affected his work or the court’s independence, reports Hina and Jutarnj list.

Jelenic’s resignation came after he confirmed on Tuesday (18 February) that he was a Freemason and that the physician and leader of one of the Masonic lodges, Nikica Gabric, tried to influence the course of the investigation against three journalists of Dnevnik7, who allegedly blackmailed Gabric by asking him for HRK 200,000 (€26,851) not to publish photographs of the Masonic Lodge ceremony in which he had taken part.

Gabric rejected Jelenic’s claims the same day. He also said that he had a recording of the conversation and that Jelenic “requested a favour” from him, not the other way around.

Although Jelenic initially stated he was not considering resignation, explaining that it was a legally established association committed to improving society, Justice Minister Drazen Bosnjakovic said on Wednesday (19 February) that he expected Jelenic’s resignation and that the Attorney General’s membership of the Masonic Association was unacceptable .

PM Andrej Plenković sealed his fate by saying that unless the Attorney General resigns, the government would propose that parliament dismiss him on Thursday.

Left with little choice, Jelenic officially resigned in the early evening  on Wednesday.

I leave this duty with a ‘’calm and clear conscience,” Jelenic wrote as part of the State Attorney’s Office statement. (Karla Junicic,

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