ZAGREB – Grilling PM Plenković

The first session in the Croatian parliament after a one month break was another showroom of accusation between the Social-democratic party (SDP) and Croatian democratic party (HDZ). While PM Andrej Plenković was praised during the plenary session in Strasbourg, at home, he was ‘grilled’ by opposition MPs who asked questions about crime, corruption and emigration. They have also called him to resign.

Peđa Grbin (SDP) warned about the problem of organised crime and general insecurity caused by the government of HDZ. “You are talking about anarchy, and this anarchy is your fault”, he said.

“I urge you to resign and save Croatia from apathy and the HDZ,”  added Domagoj Hajduković (SDP).

Davor Bernardić, leader of SDP, who announced his candidacy to become a new PM, told Plenković that he is ignoring the people’s distrust of the judiciary and is ”hiding in Strasbourg and Brussels” instead. ”As you wander around Brussels, citizens are living harder and harder ”Bernardić said.

Plenković said he would not allow Croatia to be labelled as a country of anarchy, disorder and distrust in the system.

Other topics discussed were health and social system. The PM said that an analysis of the state of affairs in privately-run nursing homes would be conducted and the legislative framework will be amended to enable better and stricter control of those facilities to prevent tragedies such as the one in the Andraševac home where six died in a fire. (Karla Juničić |


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