ZAGREB – Increase in daily coronavirus cases

Croatia recorded 64 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Sunday (28 June) and, following the spike in daily coronavirus infections in recent days, authorities are considering imposing new restrictions regarding the nightclubs.

At the same time, there are 350,000 foreign guests in Croatia at the moment, which is a rarity not only in Europe, said Interior Minister and head of the national COVID-19 crisis response team, Davor Bozinovic

Also, to find out more about the current measures in Croatia, read here.

Currently, only travellers from Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) need to quarantine after entering Croatia.

In response, Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic already announced countermeasures against Croatia after passengers from BiH were prevented even from transiting through Croatia at the southern Croatian crossing to reach the coastal town Neum in BiH.  

“I don’t know why Croatia opted for such measures, but we have a positive relationship with all neighbouring countries when it comes to tourism, business travel and trade possibilities during the pandemic,” Turkovic said. (Karla Juničić,


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