ZAGREB – More power to the civic guard

Croatian parliament has given greater powers to the national civil guard as the country faces the COVID-19 pandemic. A majority of 108 MPs approved the amendments, meaning that starting tomorrow, the guard will legally be able to make decisions and issue recommendations which will be implemented by local civil protection authorities.

The amended bill is aimed at ensuring uniform action by authorities in adopting and implementing decisions that regulate citizens’ and legal persons’ everyday activities during the pandemic.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković also presented an economic package worth over HRK30 billion (about €4 billion) to mitigate the pandemic’s effects, saying that “these circumstances require responsibility and solidarity. This is a time for the nation’s unity, as we can only win the war against the virus if we act united”.

The PM expects economic entities and employers to understand the moment that the country has faced to ensure jobs at any cost. “In the big fight for health, the fight for each job must not be forgotten,” Plenković added.

Due to the crisis, the government will not be purchasing new cars and will waive that budget for economic relief, announced Plenković.

Croatia plans to continue throughout the crisis with full responsibility and protection of national interests, as it has done thus far, responding to the crisis much better and faster than initially anticipated. (Tea Trubić Macan,

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