ZAGREB – Parties present lead candidates ahead of elections

Over the weekend parties presented their lead candidates for the country’s parliamentary elections scheduled for 5 July.

Homeland Movement leader and pop singer Miroslav Skoro has said that the elections would mark the end of the 20-year rule led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Socialdemocratic party. According to him, the duopoly will end because his right-wing party will be the only option possible to ”form the government”.

While HDZ will present their lists on Monday, SDP leader Davor Bernardic said on Saturday (13 June) he was confident that together with partners from the centre-left Restart coalition, they would obtain enough votes to form a stable government.

“Our goal is a progressive, modern, and successful Croatia. At this election, the citizens will choose whether they want a Croatia free of corruption, poverty, and injustice or a return to the old ways.” the SDP leader said.

While the election is heating up, Croatia topped the Eurobarometer corruption index as the majority of respondents said they had personally experienced corruption as 97% of those surveyed believe it is widespread. (Karla Junicic,

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