ZAGREB – Rescue package data

Croatian employers have applied for the government’s rescue package to cover the salaries of 485,000 of their workers for March, for which the government has paid out a total of 1.6 billion HRK in support.

According to the most recent data, this amount has covered 38% of the national economy during that period.

By the end of March, 1.5 Million were employed and 145,462 were unemployed, according to the state’s official data. This means that 32% of those employed have used the government’s support in the last month.

Besides, by mid-May, 83,955 of the 257,803 active enterprises, which amounts to about 33%, had received the government’s measures. And about 82% of all companies which have applied for the government’s rescue package are limited liability companies, receiving 1,03 billion HRK for 320,000 of workers.

The most affected companies in March were in the industries of food preparation, retail, accommodation, and passenger transport. All of these received a total of HRK 867,47 million HRK in support, which amounts to 56% of the rescue package allocated for March.

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