ZAGREB – Shooter’s father has illegal weapons

Police found two rifles with optical sights and silencers as well as 1,169 pieces of ammunition when searching the home of the young man who on Monday (12 October) shot and wounded a police officer working as a security guard for the government, after which he committed suicide.

Following the search, the attacker’s father was arrested for the illegal possession, making and procurement of weapons and explosives, the local prosecutor confirmed.

Barriers were erected in Zagreb’s St. Mark’s Square, where the government and parliament are located, and the police have restricted movement.

The policeman who was shot is in good condition and will be transferred from the intensive care unit to the surgical ward.

Although police have organised several campaigns for the voluntary handover of weapons, the problem of illegal weapons is still an open question in Croatia.

Slobodna Dalmacija, a partner of, proposed paying for the return of illegal weapons: €200 for automatic rifle, €150 for a gun and 10 cents for a bullet.

(Željko Trkanjec |

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