MEPs criticise EPP, S&D push to reelect Schulz as Parliament President

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Minority political groups have accused the EPP and S&D of backing a ‘pre-cooked deal’, after the two largest political parties vowed they will vote for Martin Schulz to become the next president of the Chamber.

MEPs will elect the Parliament’s leader in Strasbourg next week at the first plenary session after the May elections.

“The leaders of the two biggest groups want to guarantee the next presidency of this house to Martin Schulz, while the people of Europe stand on the sidelines and wonder what the European election was actually all about.”

“If we blindly follow the voting instructions of a bi-partisan agreement to re-coronate the incumbent, we will in an instant ensure Parliament remains observant to the needs of the Council.” said British ECR MEP Sajjad Karim.

Schulz, who currently chairs the S&D group, wanted to become Commission president, but his hopes disappeared after his group came second in the European elections earlier in May.

After saying he had the ‘ambition’ to fill in a commission vice-president post, it now seems that Schulz wants to stay where he was.

“It was very clear that all of as had been not just irritated but annoyed by the way that the German government. Ms Merkel and Mr Gabriel had been presenting to the public the package deal they where about to do, and telling so to the parliament to vote for Mr Schulz for being next President of the Parliament for the next years.” said Austrian Greens/EFA MEP Ulrike Lunacek.

Meanwhile, EU leaders are gathering in Belgium today and tomorrow to chose who will be the next president of the European Commission.

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