Tweets of the Week: David Davis, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump – Oh My!

It’s the week of the three buffoons! David Davis decides to quit, Boris Johnson makes a split, and Donald Trump gives Nato a fit.

This week started with a bang when David Davis make his shock resignation from the British cabinet.

Given that he didn’t resign after the discussion in Chequers on Friday, some questioned his motivation for leaving on Sunday night.

Twitter account Barrington reckoned it was about 11:30, he’d had a few and just thought fuck it…3 day weekend! 

It was quickly announced that Dominic Raab would take his place.

Chris Deerin said Raab is a damn sight more impressive than the guy he’s replacing.

Berlaymonster retorted that “damn sight more impressive than David Davis” is not an epithet anyone should treasure.

Bruno Waterfield noticed Lots of googling here in Brussels to find out who Raab is… 

And Leonardo Carella pointed out that Dominic Raab is anagram of “midair bacon”. Apt for someone tasked with a policy that will only work when pigs fly. 

Speaking of flying…

Boris Johnson decided to quit the cabinet on Monday, putting Theresa May in an awkward position. 

The Telegraph reported that he is the seventh minister to quit since November. 

Not looking so strong and stable now!

Donald Tusk said “Politicians come and go, but the problems they have created for people remain.” He regrets that the idea of Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson. 

Faisal Islam translated the PM’s response to Boris Johnson resignation: “A little surprised” basically means “No Boris is better than a Bad Boris.” 

Ian Dunt preferred it when we were good at diplomacy and shit at football. 

John McKendrick, Attorney General from Anguilla said good riddance! Describing Johnson as worst Foreign Secretary we’ve ever had. Amid the destruction of Hurricane Irma he was disinterested and out of his depth. 

Alex Andreou praised Theresa May’s “bold look”. Scalping your enemies and wearing the trophies is a barbaric practice, but in the case of Boris Johnson… 

The other big news this week was the NATO summit and speculation was rife about just how preposterous Donald Trump would be!

Like a broken record, he repeated his now familiar mantra that the EU must pay more. 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025 he tweeted. 

Ana Navarro said Trump tells NATO, Germany is controlled by Russia because that’s from where Germany gets its oil. By that logic, Trump is controlled by Russia because that’s from where Trump got his presidency.

And Donald Tusk said: “It is always worth knowing who is your strategic friend and who is your strategic problem.” 

Danny Kemp quipped that there’s Controversy over Trudeau’s choice of (a). Power stance and (b). Brown shoes with blue suit 

But this was THE pic of the summit! 

Sam Wilkin claimed it was banter all round as Europeans fail to brief Trump that the Belgians spell NATO backwards.

Billy Kapcoe says one of these things doesn’t belong:

And then there was this.

And this.

Rebecca Ballhouse summed it it up: Trump arrived 30 minutes late to Thursday’s summit, missed scheduled meetings with at least two world leaders, prompted the sec-gen to call an emergency session, held an impromptu 35-minute news conference, and then left to go to London.

Bet they can’t wait!

Finally, both Belgium and England crashed out of the World Cup this week. I’m not going to get into the inevitable slagging match, so we’ll just show this:

Impressive trolling from Croatia’s interior minister arriving at the EU meeting in Innsbruck.

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And that’s it for this week. Join us again next week for more loss, dross and hot goss in the Brussels bubble twittersphere.

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