Tweets of the Week: EU Withdrawal Bill, Article 13 and Hague’s Cannabis Dream

Theresa May floats post-Brexit schemes, copyright law could banish our memes, and William Hague has legal cannabis dreams.

On Wednesday the UK Parliament passed the EU Withdrawal Bill, a crucial step in delivering what Theresa May still insists on calling “a smooth and orderly Brexit.”


Martini Seltzermayr reckons that now all those meaningless votes are out the way, Britain should really get back to the business of fetching the EU’s slippers.


James O’Brien thought the Theresa May video was unnerving – like a really bad Doctor Who villain audition.


And Berlaymonster added that it looks like she’s used Gordon Brown’s smiling coach.


Theresa May also claimed a so-called Brexit Dividend would fund the NHS.


“Her figures are so dodgy they belong on the side of a bus,” responded opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.


A lot of people agreed!



Back in Brussels on Wednesday, the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted to approve the news Copyright directive – including controversial articles 13.


Paul Keller said that pretty much everyone outside music industry and their rightsholder friends has come out against Article 13. The upload filter rule will harm freedom of expression, digital culture, and the digital economy he said.


Catherine Stihler MEP said her sons will not be pleased: Article 13 could put end to net memes.



Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda explained what it was all about, but said there’s still a small chance to turn it around and urged people to write to their MEPs to Save the Internet.


Twitter User Parker said It’s time we seriously consider geo-blocking the EU.


Martini Seltzemayr said “Look I’m really sorry we’re banning the internet but I just read one too many of your ex boyfriend’s tweets.”


And Peanut Studios imagined a world were we all have to draw memes by hand! AHHHH!


Finally, former Tory leader William Hague wants to legalise cannabis.

He says it’s “deluded” to think cannabis can be driven off British streets, and called for the PM to to consider legalisation.


Former Labour leader Ed Miliband supported the idea on public health grounds, saying we should legalise cannabis.


Well, with the support of William Hague and Ed Miliband, how can the campaign to legalise cannabis possibly fail? Asked Kevin Schofield sarcastically.


Labour peer, Andrew Adonis said he was glad to see Hague learning lessons from the Dutch and suggested learning from them too on the positive role of the EU!


Evan O’Connell liked the idea of not locking people up for consuming a substance arguably less harmful or addictive than alcohol?


But Boris Johnson was contrary as always. “Yes, there was a period before university when I had quite a few spliffs. It was jolly nice. But apparently it is much stronger these days. I don’t want my kids to take drugs.”


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And that’s it for this week. Join us next week for more tiffs, riffs and spliffs in the Brussels bubble twittersphere.

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