Tweets of the Week: French elections, Brexit dinner, and the House of European History

It’s back. It’s EU tweets. Your weekly dose of snark and sarcasm, with a side serving of intrigue from the Brussels bubble.

Starting with the French elections, which have been dominating Twitter. In particular, Le Pen’s decision to copy, word for word, a speech by Fillon.

Florian Silnicki warned both candidates to learn from the mistakes of Ségolène Royal in 2007, saying that anger, especially overplayed, goes badly on television.

Sam Vostok compares the candidates to those from the World of Warcraft.

However, Dave Keating says that, like Trump, they’re more like clowns.

Back in the Brussels bubble. The May-Juncker dinner disaster dominated conversation. Lewis Crofts imagined the conversation. UK: we’re leaving. EU: 60 billion please. UK: No. EU: You’re on another galaxy. UK: I will be bloody difficult. EU: It’s 100 billion now. UK: Arrgh.

And after her dinner, Theresa May said that the UK needs strong and stable leadership to get the right deal, prompting many memes on Twitter.

Including Martini Seltzermayr, spoof account, suggesting that it’s an anagram of “Relent and Get Slapdash Boris”.

British journalist Tony Parsons also landed himself in hot water, with his reaction. He said if not for the blood sacrifice of the British, Juncker would be speaking German today.

Cue howls of ridicule from almost half of Twitter, pointing out that he does speak German.

And finally, the European Parliament president Tajani welcomed the opening this weekend of the House of European History, saying looking back at our shared history strengthens our identity.

However, UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott described it as a wildly extravagant vanity project.

That left Danny Kemp to point on that Britain is officially history as there are remain and leave badges, and a ballot paper, in the new museum.

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