Tweets of the Week: G7 Summit, The Strasbourg Train and Aquarius

G7 Summit shows international strain, if you’re going to Strasbourg, maybe don’t take the train and Euroean Plenary talks migration again.

It wasn’t quite the last supper, but the G7 Summit certainly had a finality about it.


The viral photo released by Angela Merkel’s office spawned a thousand memes.


But Daniel Emery reckons this is the best photoshop ever.


Following the meeting Trump aide, Peter Navarro, said there was a “special place in hell” for Canadian PM and G7 host, Justin Trudeau.


In response, Donald Tusk said there is a special place in heaven for Trudeau.


And just check out his “power stance” in this other shot of the summit!

Emmanuel Macron said he didn’t mind Trump going it alone and signing a six-country agreement if need be. “Because these six countries represent values, and an economic market with the weight of history behind it.”


After the G7, Trump headed East for a meeting with Kim Jong Un and
As Jameson Berkow said, you all knew this just *had* to happen right?


This week was a Strasbourg week, but half the travelling circus nearly didn’t make it, as one of the special trains broke down en route!

Marjory van den Broeke shared this pic:


To be honest they don’t look too sad at that stage.

But that was before…
…the chartered Thalys train remained stuck in the French countryside for three hours.

After one hour MEPs were released into the wild.


Twitter account mepassistant said “Resources are getting scarce. People are starting to trade interns and amendments for water.”


Martini Seltzemayr said it was “A tragic story of cross-border refugees travelling in search of government handouts stuck thanks to crazy EU rules. I wish them safe passage.”


Catherine Bearder put everything in perspective saying it’s unpleasant and hot, but it’s not on the high seas. This is just wasting time, not costing lives.


When they did arrive there was work aplenty:

The Aquarius debacle was top of the agenda

Dunja Mijatovic, the Commissioner for Human Rights said it was good that Spain finally took in 600+ migrants after a standoff between Italy and Malta saw them stranded in the Mediterranean.


Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, claimed Malta was in full conformity with international obligations and would continue, where possible, carrying out individual and humanitarian emergency medical evacuations.


And Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said this will be part of the legacy of the Parliament and Commission for years to come. Migration will be with us for many decades. We have to be better prepared, more united and resolved to find solutions.


Also this week, the Parliament welcomed Dutch PM Mark Rutte.
Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, said Netherlands’ contribution is essential in shaping our common future.


Alice Stollmeyer reported Rutte’ call for a 55% greenhouse gas reduction target for 2030.


But he also said “Europe is like a giraffe.” Errrr: the giraffe joined the Red List of endangered species in 2016.


Jorge Valero said: I’ve heard funny ways to describe the EU, including “the grumpy aunt” but comparing Europe to a giraffe is certainly among the top three.


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And that’s it for this week. Join us again next week for more thrills and spills in the Brussels bubble twitter-sphere.

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