Tweets of the Week: Late night council summit, top job nominees, MEPs back in session

This week, late night Council sets press pack a-jitter, Commission nominee doesn’t have Twitter, and Brexit MEPs seem a little bit bitter. This week we are supported by Animal Health EU

The big week for EU top jobs got off to a shaky start on Sunday with a mammoth Council Summit that dragged on through the night into Monday. 

Danny Kemp knew it didn’t bode well: “The EU’s leadership solution for the next five years looks like that terrible, deranged essay you wrote at university after a double all-nighter.”

Euractiv’s Alex Brzozozski highlighted the biggest concern for the press pack: sleep! Or lack of it.

Late Tuesday afternoon there was finally white smoke from the Council as it approved former Belgian PM Charles Michel as EU Council President and nominated 

German Defence Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen for EU Commission President.

Cue everyone on Twitter scrambling to find her account… which didn’t exist!

Gerardo Fortuna felt leaders really should take into account the fact she doesn’t have a twitter account.

By Wednesday, that was rectified as she greeted Europe via the Brussels Bubble’s preferred medium!

Jack Parrock reckoned she’d had a rapid crash course in social media management and added: “She’s not going to know the snark that hits her.”

Outgoing Council President Donald Tusk said that it was the first time perfect gender balance had been achieved in the top positions. 

And Competition Commissioner Margethe Vestager, herself also in the running, said she was happy to see the first woman nominated for Commission President. 

Though Berlaymonster quipped: “Vestager launches duopoly investigation against France and Germany over topjob collusion.”


Of course the big issue is that not one of the Spitzenkandidaten got a top job. DG Meme summed it up best:

 But it’s not over until the fat lady sings, in this case, the European Parliament which has to approve – or not – the Council’s picks for the posts. MEPs are expected to vote in 2 weeks time. 

In the meantime, Agata Gostynska pleaded “Can media please stop with this ‘unprecedented stalemate over top EU jobs’ nonsense? Wrangling has always been there and is one of the most interesting aspects of work of the EU institutions.

Staying with the Parliament, the first plenary of the new session kicked off in Strasbourg.

As Jude Kirton-Darling arrived in a sweltering Strasbourg, she was glad her region still has a seat at the decision-making table despite Brexit rhetoric spiralling to extremes.

One Brexiteer, British MEP David Bull, described his journey to Strasbourg as “insanity”: Eight plus hours, four trains, and a huge waste of taxpayers money he claimed.

But train expert account Seat 61 said it takes just 4 hours 54 from London to Strasbourg with one easy same-station change in Lille. 

Bull’s comments were widely ridiculed online with half the twittersphere pointing out that if you apply for a job in Strasbourg… it’s likely you will have to go to Strasbourg!

Mark Stone said: “Brexit Party MEP realises that being an MEP comes with responsibilities.”

And Otto English predicted: In next week’s episode David Bull goes to a supermarket and discovers food on the shelves.

Bull’s fellow Brexit Party MEPs were not making friends either as they turned their backs on the European Anthem at the opening session of the Parliament.


Maybe they just don’t like Beethoven joked the German Foreign Office.


Others found the whole session terribly exhausting. 

“Who said being an MEP wasn’t hard work?” asked Darren McCaffrey.


But finally we had one conclusive outcome – David Sassoli was elected President of the European Parliament with 345 votes out of 667.


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Join us again next week for more wheeling and dealing, ducking and diving in the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere.

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