Navigating the road ahead for battery tech

EURACTIV looks at the milestones ahead for the battery industry. [Roman Zaiets / Shutterstock]

Europe’s climate agenda and willingness to tag its virus-recovery efforts to green objectives mean that electric-battery technology is due for a great decade.

In this Special Report, EURACTIV looks at the milestones ahead for the industry, including how European governments want to corner the global market and ensure that battery production is in line with environmental policies.

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  • Coronavirus and the great electric-battery dividend

    News | Batteries 22-06-2020

    The global health pandemic has dealt a body blow to many areas of the economy but the battery industry looks set to reap significant rewards, even if it will also have to put up with a short-term slump in demand.

  • Denmark’s e-ferry passes sea trials in style

    News | Shipping 23-06-2020

    The world’s largest all-electric ferry completed 10 months of trials last week, as the EU-funded project revealed that battery-powered boats will save operators money compared to their diesel counterparts during their decades of service.

  • Firms start to believe in a battery afterlife

    News | Batteries 24-06-2020

    By 2040, one out of every three passenger cars around the world is predicted to be electric-battery powered. But the power packs that drive those vehicles do not last forever, so what will become of them once they lose their charge?

  • Finland: Europe’s battery producing Shangri-La

    News | Batteries 26-06-2020

    Europe’s ambitions of cornering a substantial slice of the multi-billion-euro global battery market are best illustrated by Finland, which has all the raw materials needed to produce electric vehicle power packs and the right conditions needed to do it sustainably.

  • Is nickel sustainable in electrical vehicle batteries?

    Opinion | Batteries 25-06-2020

    Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and attractive as prices fall and charging infrastructure becomes more widespread. Dr Mark Mistry explains what factors affect the sustainability of one of the most important ingredients in a car's battery: nickel.

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