The European Waste-based & Advanced Biofuels Supply Chain

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EWABA represents the interests of the European waste-based and advanced biodiesel supply chain. Our 35+ members are producers of biodiesel from used cooking oil, animal fats and other advanced waste feedstocks, waste collectors and technology providers.

The waste-based and advanced biodiesel supply chain is as complex as it seems! Used cooking oils (UCOs) and animal fats (tallow) and other advanced wastes and residues are collected from restaurants, food factories, slaughterhouses, households, and industrial processes.

Following collection, these wastes and residues are processed and cleaned in special processing units to remove impurities and water. Filtered waste oils are then fed into special biodiesel plants specifically built or improved to produce waste-based and advanced biodiesel. The final renewable waste-based fuel can be used in passenger vehicles, heavy duty vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.) and ships.

By-products deriving from waste-based and advanced biodiesel production are used as sustainable fertilizers in the farming industry and for the production of 100% renewable biogas.

The EU waste-based and advanced biodiesel industry comprises more than 50 production facilities distributed across most EU Member States directly employing 5,000 people and more than 20,000 indirectly. Many of these companies are SMEs and strengthen employment in remote and rural regions. EWABA members are jointly bringing waste-based biofuels with up to +90% greenhouse gas (GHG) savings to the market, when compared with mineral diesel fuel.

You can download the infographic here.

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