Commission adopts CARDS assistance purse for Croatia

Under the Commission’s Annual Programme for
Croatia adopted on 6 June, the EU’s newest applicant country
will receive a total of 62 million euro in aid in

The EU, in its capacity as the largest assistance donor to
the Western Balkans region, will extend the aid under the
Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and
Stabilisation (CARDS) programme to promote Croatia's
efforts towards reform and modernisation. Since 1991, the
Commission has committed more than 6.1 billion euro of EC
funding to the Western Balkans. For 2000-2006, a 4.650
billion euro purse has been earmarked under the CARDS
programme to assist the five countries of the Western
Balkans in their progress towards European integration. The
Commission has already adopted the Annual Programmes for
the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and
Montenegro, and Kosovo.

The priority areas within the 2003
Annual Programme for Croatia are:

  • Economic and social development - 17.5 million
  • Democratic stabilisation - 17 million euro,
  • Justice and home affairs issues - 12 million
  • Administrative capacity building - 11.8 million euro,
  • Environmental and natural resources - 3.7 million


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