Commission offers development aid to Croatia

The Commission has offered Croatia a 76 million euro purse in development aid under the CARDS (Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation) programme.

The aid, which Croatia is receiving for the fourth time under
the CARDS programme, is designed to help the country meet its
requirements for EU membership. The programme has five main
priority areas:

  • Justice and home affairs (21.85 million euro): judicial
    reforms, border control and surveillance equipment upgrades
  • Economic and social development (17.75 million euro): consumer
    protection, standardisation, land registry reform
  • Democratic stabilisation (17.5 million euro): post-war refugee
  • Administrative capacity-building (15.1 million euro): public
    finance, regional development and telecommunications
  • Environment and natural resources (3.8 million euro):
    legislative reform and law enforcement

Croatia has been an official EU candidate since June (see
). Accession talks could start early in
2005. Zagreb expects to join the EU in January 2007 along with
Bulgaria and Romania.

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