EU adopts new assistance strategy for Croatia and Albania

The European Commission has adopted new
strategic frameworks for its financial assistance to Croatia
and Albania. The so-called CARDS programme (Community
Assistance for Reconstruction, Democratisation and
Stabilisation) supports the participation of Albania, Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Yugoslavia in the EU’s
Stabilisation and Association Process.

The five-year strategy for EU financial assistance to
Croatia and Albania sets the following priorities, which
are also the key goals of the EU’s stabilisation and
association process for the western Balkans:

  • democratic stabilisation;
  • economic and social development;
  • justice and home affairs;
  • administrative capacity building;
  • environment and natural resources.

Croatia will receive 191 million euro
and Albania 145.5 million euro over the next three years
(2002-2004) under the new framework.

The CARDS programme foresees 4.65
billion euro in aid to the whole of the Western Balkans
region in the period 2000-2006. The aim of this strategy is
to help the region secure political and economic
stabilisation while also developing a closer association
with the EU.


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