EU to spend 46.5 million euro on Albania’s modernisation efforts

The Commission adopted its Annual Programme for
Albania on 15 July, making the fight against crime and economic
development the main priorities for EU support in

The EU is the largest assistance donor to the countries of
the Western Balkans. With the 46.5 million euro approved
for Albania in 2003, the Commission aims at helping the

  • fight against crime: by investing in the renovation
    and establishment of courts and through the training of
  • economic development, especially by supporting local
    communities: by assisting in smaller projects to
    stimulate trade (standard certification systems, market
    surveillance, inspections, etc.);
  • public administration building: through improving the
    collection of taxes and duties;
  • practice of democracy: by helping the establishment
    of a central computerised civil register on which
    accurate voters lists can be based.

The funding will be made available under
the Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development
and Stabilisation (CARDS) Programme, which covers Albania,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia, and Serbia and Montenegro.


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