Montenegro and Croatia: Paying for Dubrovnik

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Montenegro agrees to pay damages to Croatia for the attack on Dubrovnik, but how genuine is the contrition, asks Aida Ramusovic in Transitions Online.

During an official visit by Croatian President Stjepan Mesic to Podgorica on 7 July, his Montenegrin counterpart Filip Vujanovic announced that Montenegro would compensate Croatia for damage inflicted during the 1991-1995 war that followed Yugoslavia’s demise. 

Montenegro and Croatia share a short land border down the coast from Dubrovnik that was the scene of heavy fighting. 

The agreement relates to the shelling of the old town of Dubrovnik in 1991 and damages inflicted in Konavle municipality and at Dubrovnik’s Cilipi airport, which was looted after an attack by the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA). Most JNA solders at this battlefield were Montenegrin recruits.

The mayor of Konavle municipality, Luka Korda, welcomed this agreement. He claimed that the amount of damages owed by Montenegro amounted to 100 million euros.

Vujanovic said the compensation would be paid within a month or two, though the actual amount has not been determined.

Unconfirmed media reports suggest that a meeting at the highest level of the two governments would take place on 27 July in the border town of Cavtat. It is expected that an initial agreement would be signed for the immediate payment of 400,000 euros for 650 head of cattle stolen in Konavle municipality.

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