CETA Explained

It has been described as “the most ambitious” and progressive trade deal ever signed by the EU, but what does CETA do? The historic agreement was signed into law in September 2017 by the EU and Canada, after years of negotiation and a protest campaign.

The goal of CETA is to decrease tariffs and make it easier to trade goods and services between the E.U. and Canada. Since CETA went into effect, nearly all customs duties have been eliminated on products and services traded between the EU and Canada.

But, the trade deal has not been without its criticisms. NGOs and unions say they worry the deal could weaken E.U. regulations on labor rights while others cite concerns about how disputes between investors and the host state are settled. A year and a half after it entered into force, EURACTIV takes a look back at what CETA has achieved and whether the concerns were justified.

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