The #BetterLifestyles Manifesto explained by our children

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This article is part of our special report Regulating appliances of the future.

There are a few stepping stones on the journey to better lifestyles and a memorable five-year mandate.

Europeans want to know that by bringing their small appliances to an authorised collection point, they do a favour to the environment and to themselves.

Europeans want to know that they could use 10 times less water by using a dishwasher.

Europeans want to know that smart homes are not science fiction and that future-oriented reforms of the energy system could lower their bills.

Find out the clear vision of APPLiA, Home Appliance Europe on how the 2019-2024 EU term could make a true difference to Europeans.

Follow the #BetterLifestyles and #EuropeansWantToKnow hashtags or send them to your children, they will understand.


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