Agreement reached on Sixth Environmental Action Programme

On 13 March 2002, the Council and the European Parliament made a final deal on the proposed 6th Environmental Action Programme. It is a balanced compromise between the two actors, and it takes into consideration some of the Parliament’s key issues.

After a common position by the Council, two readings in the
European Parliament, and a conciliation procedure, an agreement on
a joint text was finally reached. It includes certain issues that
were of great importance for the Parliament in its second reading,
such as:

  • the use of environmentally related taxes and incentives;
  • tougher targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions after
  • a demand on the Commission to produce a paper with quantifiable
    targets for a sustainable transport system.

The Parliament had also demanded the thematic
strategies to be adopted by the co-decision procedure, and to be in
place before 2003. However, after the conciliation process, the
joint text states that the co-decision should be used “where
appropriate” and presented (though not decided upon) within three
years from the entry into force of the 6th EAP.


The Commission's proposal for a 6th Environmental Action
Programme (6th EAP) from January 2001, sets out the EU's
environmental objectives for the next 10 years. (see EURACTIV
24 January
18 January


On 19 March, the joint text will formally be adopted by the
Conciliation committee. Thereafter, it will be submitted for
approval by the European Parliament and the Council at a third
reading (normally without debate). The Parliament's third reading
is planned for May 2002.



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