Deal sealed on packaging waste directive

The Parliament gave its final blessing to the packaging waste
directive, after the recent approval by Council of the compromise
struck in conciliation committee.

The European Parliament gave its final approval to the directive on
packaging waste, thereby sealing the deal struck with the Council
in conciliation committee (see EURACTIV, 9 December

The committee agreed on the following sticking issues:

  • Derogations to current Member States: Greece,
    Ireland and Portugal were granted until 31 December 2011 (instead
    of 2008) to meet the recycling targets
  • Derogations to new Member States: A complex
    procedure was agreed upon to grant extra time to new Member States
    for attaining the recycling targets. The decision will be taken on
    the basis of requests already submitted by those countries:

    • 2012 for Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary,
      Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia
    • 2013 for Malta
    • 2014 for Poland
    • 2015 for Latvia
  • Recovery: Under the revised rules, burnt
    packaging will be considered as recycled if the incineration plant
    is equipped with energy recovery systems. However, the Commission,
    Parliament and Council agreed that this decision would be open to
    to subsequent revision, "at the earliest opportunity"

Before 30 June 2005, the Commission will issue a report on the
progress and implementation of the directive and its impact on the
environment and the functioning of the internal market.


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