Environment ministers to tackle noise pollution

EU’s environment ministers will try to reach an agreement on a proposed directive to cut noise pollution

EU's ministers for environment will try to reach a political agreement on a proposed directive to cut noise pollution, when they meet for their last Environment Council of this year.

The proposed Directive on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise aims at collecting knowledge on noise pollution and laying the basis for development of future action plans at local, national and EU levels. The central element of the proposal is the introduction of "noise mapping" for urban agglomerations with more than 100,000 inhabitants and for the areas near major roads, railways and airports. The Commission's proposal does not seek to set common European-wide noise limits.

In its first reading on 13 December, the European Parliament called for the Commission to submit proposals within 18 months for 'daughter directives'. These should lay down binding standards for sources of noise such as commercial vehicles, motorcycles, rail vehicles and aircraft, with particular reference to noise emissions at take-off and landing.



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