EP plenary adopts Sixth Environmental Action Programme

On 30 May the EP plenary approved the Sixth Environmental Action Programme in third reading, after conciliation.

The new Environmental Action Programme addresses the
Parliament's concerns over the key issues of environmentally
harmful subsidies, eco-taxes, Kyoto Protocol emission targets and
thematic strategies for tackling environmental priorities. It will:

  • help to mainstream environmental concerns into all EU policy
  • support the reform of "environmentally damaging
  • encourage environmentally related taxes and incentives "at the
    appropriate national or Community level";
  • set tougher targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the
    post-2012 Kyoto Protocol period;

As part of the EU's efforts to reduce greenhouse gases by 8
per cent, the Commission will by the end of this year issue a paper
on quantifiable targets for a sustainable transport system,
including the rising volumes of urban traffic.

The EU's Sixth Environment Action Programme sets
out the EU's environmental policy priorities until 2012 and forms
the basis for the environmental dimension of the EU's Sustainable
Development Strategy.



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