EU-US discuss terrorism and trade

EU and US leaders are meeting on 2 May 2002 in Washington to discuss terrorism, trade, and other topics of importance to both regions. This is the second Summit with the Bush Administration after the EU-US Summit in Göteborg in June 2001.

  • development and environment issues: climate change, Kyoto protocol, World Summit on Sustainable Development;
  • Information Society: cybercrime and network security, consumer confidence and alternative dispute settlement, Internet governance

On the steel issue the EU seems split on a stance towards the US, especially after Germany and Sweden distanced itself from the Commission’s threat to retaliate against the US measures to impose import duties on steel. Germany’s industry is quite dependent on the US market and therefore fears that the EU measures might be counterproductive.


The main items to be discussed are:

  • fight against terrorism: cooperation in the field of asylum, migration and frontiers;
  • non proliferation and disarmament: export control regimes;


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